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Registration opens Monday, December 2, 2019

Artists of Skagit - Our coordinators, art enthusiast Linda Harris, artist Jan Hodgman, and art collector, Tina Brown, are gathering representative artists from the Skagit Valley to share their talents with Senior College students. Each week two skilled artists will present their work and discuss their media and creative process. Participating Artists: Lanny Bergner, Jennifer Bowman, Al Currier, Greg Dugan, Kathleen Faulkner, Leo Osborne, Jim Redding, Cynthia Richardson, Anne Schreivogl, and Annette Tamm

Cosmology: the Evolution of the Universe - Cosmology: The Evolution of the Universe presents the standard model of cosmology. The content includes the evolution of the universe from its fiery origin in the Big Bang and its initial ultra rapid inflation, through its continued slowing expansion, cooling and congealing from the relentless force of gravity acting on matter to form galaxies, quasars, stars, and black holes that make up our current observable universe. Additionally, the consequences of the more recent discoveries of dark matter and dark energy will be presented. Instructor: Barrie Hughlock, PhD

Metals and Civilizations - Metals have been worked by humans for over 5,000 years. Without metal tools, hardware, utensils, and weapons, civilization as we know it would be stalled in the Stone Age. The overall impact of metals on civilization, starting with copper, then bronze and finally iron, will be presented. Of all the metals, iron has had the most profound impact on our lives. Blacksmiths are the individuals who work iron into useful objects. This is the story of blacksmiths – their knowledge, metals, skills, tools, and place in history. Instructor: Paul Thorne

The Politics of Climate Change - Mark Lijek and Dr. Michael Newbrough investigate one of the most interesting and relevant of current issues. Although immersed in a crisis atmosphere and a sense of urgency, there aren’t many venues offering a calm and open discussion of the “politics” involved, i.e., what should the government do in confronting climate change. This overview will be team-taught and will examine climate history, catastrophic scenarios, forces for change, the role of humans, and alternatives and solutions. Instructor: Mark Lijek and Michael Newbrough

Understanding World Wide Religions - Religion impacts all of us every day: foreign policy, government decisions, social interactions, and the wars we fight.  What is religion, why do people believe, where did it come from, and why don’t most people talk openly about it?   What are the similarities, the differences, and the benefits to followers of the major religions?  What trends can we identify?  These and other questions will be discussed as well as your own experiences with religion, in this “no-judgment” course. Instructor: Jim Barrett  Ed.D.

Volcanoes And The Washington Cascades - Learn where and how volcanoes work and form, along with their benefits and hazards. Dr. Gene Kiver explores the evolution of the five major active Cascade Mountain volcanoes. Can we predict an eruption? What volcano is next? What other Cascade volcanoes have erupted in the 19th and 20th century? Instructor: Dr. Gene Kiver

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