What’s Happening at Senior College?

ASC is on hiatus as we follow the guidelines of the CDC and the Governor’s four phases of reopening. The safety of our students and instructors remains our primary concern, and ASC will reopen only when that safety has been assured. With that in mind, we do not anticipate reopening for the remainder of this year.

We will notify our students via email when classes will resume.

We look forward to working with our students by offering fresh and innovative classes along with some of your old favorites. Your ideas are invaluable.

We invite your comments or questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 360-503-1255.

About Senior College

We provide a curriculum of intellectually satisfying programs for people over the age of 50.

All of our instructors donate their time in order to give us, their students, the ultimate senior college experience.  To all of them, we say, “thank you”.

At the end of 12 years of operation, ASC class enrollments exceed 6,500. We continually look forward to providing you with a variety of interesting, meaningful and fun courses.

At Senior College we strive to make attending class an enjoyable experience for our students. Because we do not have books, tests or credit, we take the fear out of coming to class. We encourage students to listen to the instructor, engage in class discussion, and socialize with fellow students during the break.

Anacortes Senior College began in the Spring of 2007. We were fortunate to partner with the Anacortes School District, which allows us to use the classrooms in the Middle School. Our age 50+ students have access to retired professors and other qualified instructors who come forward to share their knowledge.